Ancient Greece: an Illustrated History

Ancient Greece: an Illustrated History

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The Glory that was Greece 8 Part One The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greece 10 Introduction 12 Timeline 14 Classical Greece 18 I: The Greek Awakening, c.2000-500bc 20 II: The Persian Wars, 499bc-478bc 42 III: Athens at its Zenith, 478-431bc 58 IV: World War in Miniature, 431-404bc 72 V: The Greeks: The First Individuals, c.650bc-ad147 88 VI: The Struggle for Supremacy, 404-322bc 112 Alexander the great and his Heirs 132 VII: The Rise of Macedonia, 359-336bc 134 VIII: The Young Alexander, 356-336bc 146 IX: The Great Victories, 334-330bc 164 X: The Lord of Asia, 330-323bc 184 XI: Arms and Armour, c.2000bc-ad138 202 XII: From Alexander to Hadrian, 323bc-ad138 218 Part Two The Ancient Greek World 254 Introduction 256 Timeline 260 Architecture and Art 264 XIII: The Rise of Greek Architecture 266 XIV: Building Styles and Techniques 294 XV: Cities of the Greeks 306 XVI Sculpture 324 XVII Vase Painting 356 XVIII Wall Paintings and Mosaics 368 Greek Society 378 XIX Religion and Mythology 380 XX Theatre 404 XXI Literature 416 XXII Philosophy and Science 430 Chapter XXIII Athletics and Sport 458 Chapter XXIV Work and Leisure 468 Index 500 Acknowledgements 511
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