Crime and Globalization

Crime and Globalization


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Contents: Introduction; Part I Globalization and Crime: Charting New Territory: Globalization: sources and effects on national states and societies, John W. Meyer; The globalization of crime and criminal justice: prospects and problems, David Nelken; Shadows and sovereigns, Carolyn Nordstrom; Transnational crime and global criminology: definitional, typological, and contextual conundrums, David O. Friedrichs; The mean streets of the global village: crimes of exclusion in the United States and Darfur, John Hagan and Wenona Rymond-Richmond. Part II Power, Harm and Crime: Global Actors and Crimes of Globalization: Crimes of globalization: health care, HIV, and the poverty of neoliberalism in sub-Saharan Africa, Ifeanyi Ezeonu; Facilitating corruption and human rights violations: the role of international financial institutions, Dawn L. Rothe; Good guys, bad guys: transnational corporations, rational choice theory and power crime, Leslie Holmes; Narcophobia: drugs prohibition and the generation of human rights abuses, Fernanda Mena and Dick Hobbs. Part III Localizing the Global: Cities, Markets and Crime: The global city: strategic site/new frontier, Saskia Sassen; Going down the glocal: the local context of organised crime, Dick Hobbs; Mumbai's development mafias: globalization, organized crime and land development, Liza Weinstein; Dangerous spaces of citizenship, gang talk, rights talk and rule of law in Brazil, James Holston. Part IV Crossing Borders: Global Movements, Crime and Control: Without borders? Notes on globalization as a mobility regime, Ronen Shamir; Analysing a world in motion: global flows meet 'criminology of the other', Katja Franko Aas; Human trafficking: sketchy data and policy responses, Jo Goodey; Policing housemaids: the criminalization of domestic workers in Bahrain, Staci Strobl. Part V Global Trades: at the Intersection of Legal and Illegal Business Transactions: Global anomie, dysnomie, and economic crime: hidden consequences of neolibe
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