Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Studies

Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Studies

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Contents: Introduction, Colin Imber; Fragmentation (1204-1453); From NiA! to Kosovo Polje. Reflections on MurAE d I's final years; A Byzantine source on the battles of Bilea (?) and Kosovo Polje: Kydones' Letters 396 and 398 reconsidered; A Greek view on the Battle of Kosovo: Laonikos Chalkokondyles; Coping with political catastrophe in 1387: representations of nature in Manuel II Palaiologos' Epistolary Discourse to Kabasilas; The Palaiologoi, YAE+/-ldAE+/-rAE+/-m BAE yezAE"d and Constantinople: June 1389-March 1391; Political dimensions of Manuel II Palaiologos' 1392 marriage and coronation: some new evidence; What the Genoese cast upon Helena Dragash's head: coins not confecti; Manuel II Palaeologos and his MA1/4derris; The Muslim presence in Constantinople, 9th-15th centuries: some preliminary observations; Index.
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