Money, Power and Politics in Early Islamic Syria

Money, Power and Politics in Early Islamic Syria

A Review of Current Debates

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Contents: Preface; Introduction; Greater Syria in the 7th century: context and background, John Haldon; Coinage and the economy of Syria-Palestine in the 7th and 8th centuries CE, Alan Walmsley; Christian communities in early Islamic Syria and Northern Jazira: the dynamics of adaptation, R. Stephen Humphreys; Administering the early Islamic empire: insights from the papyri, Arietta Papaconstantinou; Mu'awiya's state, Clive Foss; First century Islamic currency: mastering the message from the money, Gene W. Heck; 'Abd al-Malik's monetary reform in copper and the failure of centralization, Lutz Ilisch; Early Islamic urbanism and building activity in Jerusalem and at Hammath Gader, Jodi Magness; Late antique legacies and Muslim economic expansion, Jairus Banaji; Syrian elites from Byzantium to Islam: survival or extinction?, Hugh Kennedy; Index.
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