Social, Ecological and Environmental Theories of Crime

Social, Ecological and Environmental Theories of Crime

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Contents: Introduction; Part I The Early Days - Human Ecology: The study of the delinquent as a person, Ernest W. Burgess; The ecological approach to the study of the human community, R. D. McKenzie; Human ecology, Robert Ezra Park; Ecology and human ecology, Amos H. Hawley. Part II Social Disorganization and Beyond: The neighborhood and child conduct, Henry D. McKay; Rejoinder, Clifford R. Shaw; The conflict of values in delinquency areas, Solomon Kobrin; Community structure and crime: testing social-disorganization theory, Robert J. Sampson and W. Byron Groves. Part III The Focus on Deteriorating Neighbourhoods: Dangerous places: crime and residential environment, Dennis W. Roncek; Community change and patterns of delinquency, Robert J. Bursik Jr and Jim Webb; The police and neighborhood safety: broken windows, James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling; Neighborhood and delinquency: an assessment of contextual effects, Ora Simcha-Fagan and Joseph E. Schwartz; Neighborhood social capital as differential social organization: resident and leadership dimensions, Robert J. Sampson and Corina Graif . Part IV The Rise of Environmental Criminology: Crime prevention and control through environmental engineering, C. Ray Jeffery; The spatial patterning of burglary, Paul J. Brantingham and Patricia L. Brantingham; Some effects of being female on criminal spatial behavior, George F. Rengert; Crime seen through a cone of resolution, Paul J. Brantingham, Delmar A. Dyreson and Patricia L. Brantingham; Cities and crime: a geographic model, Keith D. Harries; The effects of building size on personal crime and fear of crime, Oscar Newman and Karen A. Franck; The methods and measures of centrography and the spatial dynamics of rape, James L. LeBeau; Nodes, paths and edges: considerations on the complexity of crime and the physical environment, Patricia L. Brantingham and Paul J. Brantingham. Part V Recent Works in Social, Ecological and Environmental Criminology: Crime measures and the
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