Maritime Blockade of Germany in the Great War

Maritime Blockade of Germany in the Great War

The Northern Patrol, 1914-1918

Grainger, John D.

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Contents: Introduction; The first patrol: the Edgars, August-November 1914; The armed merchant cruisers, December 1914-March 1915; The patrol established, March-June 1915; A new base: submarines, June-August 1915; Life on patrol, August-November 1915; De Chairs' last months, November 1915-February 1916; Tupper takes command, March-May 1916; Tightening the Blockade, June-August 1916; The effective blockade, September-December 1916; The submarine menace renewed, December 1916-March 1917; The successful blockade, March-June 1917; The end of the Northern Patrol, June 1917-January 1918; Bibliography; Index.
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Germany's Great War; Germany's maritime blockade policy; Northern patrol