Tolley's Guide to Self-assessment

Tolley's Guide to Self-assessment

Sewell, Tim

LexisNexis UK






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This practical guide to self-assessment identifies the precise obligations of the employer and helps employees understand the requirements they must meet for completing tax returns and paying tax. Numerous worked examples are included.
"The Road to Self-Assessment; Overview of Self-Assessment; Preparing for Self-Assessment; The Main Return; Overview and Questions 1-9; Supplementary Pages; Employment and Share Options; Self-Employment (Sole Traders); Partnership; Land and Property; Foreign; Trusts; Capital Gains; Non-Residence etc; The Main Return; Questions 10-24; Penalties; Interest and Surcharges; Enquiries; Enquiries in Practice; Worked Examples on Self-Employment and Partnership; Worked Examples on Penalties, Interest and Surcharges; Appendices; Tables and Index."
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