Behavioural Analysis of Crime

Behavioural Analysis of Crime

Studies in David Canter's Investigative Psychology

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Contents: Editor's notes; Investigative psychology: David Canter's approach to studying criminals and criminal action, Donna Youngs; Section 1 On David Canter's IP Theories and Models: Violent self-narratives and the hostile attribution bias, Shadd Maruna and Michelle Butler; Action systems models of criminal differentiation, Katarina Frizton; Differentiation of hostage barricade incidents: through the application of the action system model, Kaeko Yokota; Test of Canter's sexual behavioural models in a sample of young people who had sexually harmed, Louise Almond; Emotions as explanation of crime, Maria Ioannou. Section 2 On David Canter's IP Methodologies: Introducing a common range index of inter-variable similarity for the analysis of Radex structures, Sean Hammond; Homicide crime scene analysis: an investigative psychology approach, C. Gabrielle Salfati; Investigative psychology and suicide: the facet structure of investigative material, Susan Giles; Questions and answers about the faceted analysis of criminal actions, Jamie Lee. Section 3 IP: A Problem-Solving Discipline: Offenders' spatial behaviour and geographical offender profiling, Laura Hammond and Donna Youngs; Linking crimes in criminal investigations, Craig Bennell; Contemporary challenges in investigative psychology: revisiting the Canter offender profiling equations, Donna Youngs and Elizabeth Spruin; Closing remarks, David Canter. Section 4 Selected IP Works of Professor Canter: Geographical offender profiling: using insights from practical application to enhance theoretical explorations, David Canter; Evaluating profiling; Narratives of criminal action and forensic psychology, David Canter and Donna Youngs; Selected writings for UK newspapers; Selected bibliography; Index.
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