Social Learning Theories of Crime

Social Learning Theories of Crime

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Contents: Introduction; Part I Differential Association Theory: A statement of the theory, Edwin Sutherland; Epidemiology and individual conduct: a case from criminology, Donald R. Cressey; Criminality theories and behavioral images, Daniel Glaser. Part II Behavioral and Cognitive Learning: Behaviorism at fifty, B.F. Skinner; Criminal behavior and learning theory, C. R. Jeffery; Behavior theory and the models of man, Albert Bandura. Part III Social Learning Theory: Theoretical Statements and Responses to Critiques: A differential association-reinforcement theory of criminal behavior, Robert L. Burgess and Ronald L. Akers; A social learning perspective on deviant behavior, Ronald L. Akers; The dynamics of delinquent peers and delinquent behavior, Ross L. Matsueda and Kathleen Anderson; Is differential association/social learning cultural deviance theory?, Ronald L. Akers. Part IV Empirical Tests of Social Learning Theory: Social learning and deviant behavior: a specific test of general theory, Ronald L. Akers, Marvin D. Krohn, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce and Marcia Radosevich; Parental and peer influences on adolescent drug use in Korea, Sunghyun Hwang and Ronald L. Akers; Do adolescents engage in delinquency to attract the social attention of peers? An extension and longitudinal test of the social reinforcement hypothesis, Cesar J.Rebellon; The empirical status of social learning theory: a meta-analysis, Travis C. Pratt et al. Part V The Group Context of Social Learning Theory: Social contexts and social learning in sexual coercion and aggression: assessing the contribution of fraternity membership, Scot B. Boeringer, Constance L. Shehan and Ronald L. Akers; Social learning theory, self-reported delinquency, and youth gangs: a new twist on a general theory of crime and delinquency, L. Thomas Winfree Jr, Teresa Vigil BAckstrAm and G. Larry Mays; Extending the boundaries of social structure/social learning theory: the case of suicide bombers in Gaza, L. Thomas Winfree and L. Keith Akins. Part VI Social Learning and Social Structure: Social structure and social learning in crime and deviance, Ronald L. Akers; Social learning and social structure: reply to Sampson, Morash, and Krohn, Ronald L. Akers; Gang membership, drug selling, and violence in neighborhood context, Paul E. Bellair and Thomas L. McNulty; Name index.
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