Working Out of Crime

Working Out of Crime

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Contents: Introduction; Published writings; The teen canteen: in at the end; Educating for uncertainty (with Fred Flower); Delinquent subcultures in Stepney and Poplar: informal observation; Summary and conclusions; Gambling as a sociological problem; Gambling as a social problem (with B.P. Davies, M.E. David and P. Stone); Promise and performance in British criminology; Praxis makes perfect: a critique of critical criminology (with Paul Rock); Abolition: possibilities and pitfalls; Law and order: theft of an issue; Theories of decarceration: problems of accounting for sentencing trends in the Netherlands; The depth of imprisonment: an exploratory study of the Netherlands and England; Employment schemes for offenders; Mitigating the social effects of unemployment; Dumping the 'hostages to fortune'? The politics of law and order in post-war Britain (with Rod Morgan); The macho penal economy: mass incarceration in the United States - a European perspective; Toughing it out: from Labour opposition to Labour government; Visions of penal control in the Netherlands; Name index.
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