Arts of Imprisonment

Arts of Imprisonment

Control, Resistance and Empowerment

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Contents: The arts of imprisonment: an introduction, Leonidas K. Cheliotis; Aesthetics and an-aesthetics: the architecture of incarceration, Yvonne Jewkes; Telling prison stories: the spectacle of punishment and the criminological imagination, Eamonn Carrabine; Victor Hugo and Octave Mirbeau: a sociological analysis of imprisonment in fiction, Vincenzo Ruggiero; Masculinity, violence, and art in Tennessee Williams' Not About Nightingales, Thomas Fahy; Social documentary in prison: the art of catching the state in the act of punishment, Michelle Brown; Thug life: Hip Hop's curious relationship with criminal justice, andre douglas pond cummings; Art, constraint and memory: Egon Schiele in prison, W. B. Carnochan; 'The haircut's on the house': Rebetika songs and Greek prisons, Stathis Gauntlett; Art and autonomy: prison writers under siege, Robert Johnson; Prose and cons:autobiographical writing by British prisoners, Mike Nellis; Resistance or propaganda, self-expression or solipsism? Prison writing and the Red Army Faction prisoners in West Germany, 1973-77, Sarah Colvin; 'Safe havens': the formation and practice of prison choirs in the US, Mary L. Cohen; Teaching and learning: the pedagogy of arts education in prison settings, Rachel Marie-Crane Williams; Comparing art therapy in prisons to 'arts-in-corrections': process to product and back again, David Gussak; Creative encounters: whatever happened to the arts in prisons?, Alexandra Cox and Loraine Gelsthorpe; Harmony behind bars: evaluating the therapeutic potential of a prison-based music programme, Leon Digard and Alison Liebling; Awaiting justice in South African prisons: performing human rights in a state of exception, Aylwyn Walsh; Index.
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