Sexuality and Law

Sexuality and Law

Volume II: Crime and Punishment

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Contents: Introduction; Part I Sodomy: Legal discrimination against homosexuals - a blind spot of the Commonwealth of Nations?, Michael Kirby; The myth of lesbian impunity: capital laws from 1270 to 1791, Louis Crompton; Lawrence v. Texas and the limits of the criminal law, Adil Ahmad Haque; Genealogy of the Australian homocriminal subject: a study of two explanatory models of deviance, Derek Dalton. Part II Criminalization of Other Types of Sex: Ordinary folk and cottaging: law, morality and public sex, Paul Johnson; Risk-taking, recklessness and HIV transmission: accommodating the reality of sexual transmission of HIV within a justifiable approach to criminal liability, Samantha Ryan; Gender outlaws before the law: the courts of the borderland, Aeyal Gross; Morality-based legislation is alive and well: why the law permits consent to body modification but not sadomasochistic sex, Kelly Egan; Abuse of a corpse: a brief history and re-theorization of necrophilia laws in the USA, John Troyer; Work, sex, and sex-work: competing feminist discourses on the international sex trade, Kate Sutherland. Part III Sexual Minority Victims: No straight answer: homophobia as both an aggravating and mitigating factor in New Zealand homophobia cases, Elisabeth McDonald; Hate crime and the image of the stranger, Gail Mason; The same difference: protecting same-sex couples under the Domestic Violence Ordinance, Puja Kapai. Part IV Sexual Minority Defendants: The Geronimo bank murders: a gay tragedy, Joan W. Howarth; Lesbianism and the death penalty: a 'hard core' case, Ruthann Robson. Part V Punishment: Safety and solidarity across gender lines: rethinking segregation of transgender people in detention, Gabriel Arkles; Sex offender as scapegoat: the monstrous other within, John Douard; Name index.
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